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Imagine being 5’7″ and becoming a Supermodel where every agency in the world is telling you that you are too short!  That your dream is not going to happen. Let me introduce you to Tully Jenson.  I booked Tully for the cover of English Vogue with good friend, and the most famous photographer in the world at that time, Herb Ritts.

Has anyone told you that you were too short? Or too tall? Or the wrong size to model? Time to talk to Tully. What better person to seek advice from than a Supermodel who overcame every agency telling her she could never become a top model!

To find out the kind of things you and Tully will be talking about, read more below!


About Tully

Tully Jensen started modeling in the summer of 1985, traveling to Denver for an open casting call held by Wilhelmina. At this time, TJ was dreaming of ultimate success in New York, but her agent felt she wasn’t yet ready for such a step, instead sending her to Chicago. From here, she went on to gain favour from L’Agency in Atlanta, but still split her time between Atlanta, Denver, and Chicago.

A chance meeting with a Zoom agent from Paris brought TJ to Paris that September. However, Zoom couldn’t guarantee work so TJ spent two months going to back-to-back auditions with little luck; finally, in November, Oscar Toscani booked her for Benetton. From here, she jetted to Africa for a catalogue campaign and was starting to gain traction when a disagreement with her agent threatened her career. TJ was left stranded in Paris without an agent and with nowhere to live. However, utilising her grit and determination, TJ continued to go auditions and persevered through rejection, exhaustion, and deprivation until she met a photographer who recommended she try Clip, which was owned and run by Jean Michel Prawido: the Paul Fisher of France! and one of Pauls closest friends.

During her time in Paris, TJ also met renowned model, Kristen McMenamy and experienced the positivity that the support of fellow models can foster, even in the face of adversity.

Under the guidance of Jean Michel, TJ began working with top magazines such as, Vogue, L’official, and L. She was also introduced to top photographer, Albert Watson who was searching for girls to shoot for Vogue Italia and he immediately booked her. TJ appeared twice in Vogue Italia that year and made her mark, jetting off to shoot at locations in Africa, Madrid, England, Germany, and Italy. The following July, TJ shot a campaign in London with the two biggest male models in the industry: John Pearson and Brad Harryman, and later booked a week-long job in New York, earning $25,000!

It was while working in Italy that TJ received the call of a lifetime from Paul Fisher, who offered to represent her.
I said to Paul, if you can get me the cover of Vogue then I’ll go with your agency and he laughed and said ‘let me get back to you’. 60 days later I was working with the most famous photographer in the world, Herb Ritts for the Cover of Vogue! That was it, my career was taken to another whole level! THANK YOU PAUL FISHER!

TJ currently lives in Atlanta and is focusing on raising her son, but still models and acts with her respective agencies: Click and Pervis, which she finds perfect for her lifestyle and family commitments.

During this 1 hour Skype call, you can ask Tully:

  • What being a Supermodel is really like?
  • Get tips on how to get started
  • How did you deal with the rejection from the agencies?
  • Learn what the pitfalls and challenges are
  • How to select an agency?
  • How do you know what is the right modeling agency for you?
  • Who do you trust?
  • Do you have to pay for photos?
  • Are you to young? Too old? Too tall? Too short?
  • Should you sign with a mother agency? a Manager?

Any under 18 year olds require written consent from a parent or guardian.

Males Skype with male Supermodels, females Skype with female Supermodels.

Along with your 1 hour Skype call with Tully you will receive the following, which is part of the $299 Skype bundle!

Paul Fisher Unplugged Audio book AND pdf
The Paul Fisher Modeling Do’s & Don’t’s book (pdf)
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