Paul Fisher Unplugged Bundle


This includes the Audio AND eBook as well as the Agency and Photographer List! Don’t miss out!



With ‘Paul Fisher Unplugged’ you will discover exactly how to:

Get Started: Paul will present multiple pathways on how to get started in a modeling career, online and offline.

Model In Foreign Markets: Receive invaluable insider information that’s imperative for modeling in all the top international markets, such as London, Milan, Germany, Paris, Spain and Japan.

Dos & Don’ts: Know all the Dos and Don’ts For A Successful Modeling Career

Day to Day Guidelines: Easy to understand day to day guidelines to follow to become the best model you can become.

Role ‘Model’: Paul shows you how to seize the opportunity to go from Model To “Role Model”

Give Back: Paul teaches “Giving Back” as a technology and how this specific technology is used for you to succeed as a model.

Find the right Modeling Market For You: Each major modeling market is uniquely broken down by Paul which will help you decide which is the right modeling market for you. Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Barcelona and other major markets are covered

Model successfully in Asia: Learn how male and female models can receive a guaranteed modeling contract in Asia.

Learn the skills how Modeling Stars are created: Paul shares secret wisdom on how a supermodel is truly created and how you can be the next one!

Be A Social Media Model: Learn how to use social media to become a modeling star and earn 100s of thousands of dollars a year.

Find The Right Type Of Modeling For You: Paul will define the different modeling areas, such as swim suit modeling, high fashion modeling, commercial modeling, e-commerce modeling and others.

Know Your “Rights” As A Model: Covering subjects such as nudity, contracts, mother agency rights etc.

Dominate the Male Modeling Market: The book is great for you guys who want to model. Similar rules apply. Paul also interviews the top male modeling agents in the world

Get Signed With An Agency In The United States Today: Learn techniques needed to increase the chances of getting signed with the right US modeling agencies. Paul also interviews top modeling agents from the best US agencies.

Present Yourself On Castings And Jobs: Tips on what to wear and what not to wear when going on castings and your modeling jobs, including make up tips.

Know the Dangers of the Industry: Paul explains the danger of having one’s physical appearance judged five times a day.

Find your way when you don’t fit the size and height: Paul Fisher shows you the way in through the the front door but he also gives you options on alternative ways to make it.

This really is the very first time that so much information has been presented so objectively and independently, without leaning bias or influence, by someone with such vast international experience in one place before.

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