30 Minute One on One Consultation with Paul Fisher​


30 minutes that could change your life!

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic effecting our world, Paul will be offering models, want to be models and parents around the world a 50% discount to receive career advice! Take this time to gain valuable knowledge and advice from star maker Paul Fisher. Just because the modeling industry has shut down due to this terrible pandemic effecting our world, you can still grow your career by gaining knowledge on what to do when the industry re-opens and we all get back to our lives!

You now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive career advice directly from supermodel manager and star of the hit TV series, “I can make you a Supermodel”, Paul Fisher.

Choose between a private 30 minute consultation with Paul for $380 $190, or if you are on a budget or want to get your name out there, get a discounted recorded call with Paul and you will be featured in the Open Call Podcast!

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Option 1: Private Thirty Minute (30) One on One Consultation with Paul Fisher:  €350 ($380) €175 ($190)

The call would be via Skype or equivalent and would be scheduled at a time of mutual convenience.

Option 2: Recorded Thirty Minute (30) One on One Consultation with Paul Fisher:  €285 ($310) €142.50($155)

For those of you on a budget or who would like the chance to perhaps get your name out there, if we are able to record the session and use the audio on our ‘Open Call’ podcast, then we look forward to having a recorded consultation.

Being a “star” on OPEN CALL

  • Your photo would appear in marketing material for your Open Call podcast.
  • Your Instagram would appear also, helping you build your following.
  • Seen by thousands of Paul’s online following / fans
  • The Podcast will be watched by top modelling agencies around the world.

The call would be via Zoom or equivalent, and you will receive an invite scheduled at a time of mutual convenience.


Hear what models have to say about the career advice they received using Ancient Astrology to guide your career! 

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Hear what two of Pauls top models, Luna and Thialda have to say about him!

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