One on One Consulting

The modeling industry is full of people selling dreams and costing hopeful potential models thousands of dollars. I’ve assembled a team of my most trusted friends that are experts in the modeling industry, who are now available for you to Skype with. This will enable you to have HONEST dialogue about what is the best pathway for you to become a model, or if you already are a model, advice on how to take your career to the next level.

For you parents wanting to learn more about the industry before letting your child model (GOOD THINKING!) this is perfect for you. Our experts have represented modeling superstars at the highest level of our industry and know the dangers first-hand.

Along with your 45 minute Skype call with one of our experts, you will receive:

Paul Fisher Unplugged Audio book AND pdf
The Paul Fisher Modeling Do’s & Don’t’s book (pdf)
The Paul Fisher Top Modeling Agency List 2018
The Paul Fisher Photographers List 2018 (pdf)

Study the books and lists prior to your Skype call. Do your homework first! Then ask the “right” questions to the expert you select.

Click on the consultants below to find which best fits your desired goal. Check out their experience in specific sectors of the industry, and find out which one is most likely to match up to your needs. Are you a Female Model? Male Model? Curve Model? Influencer? Commercial Model?

You can even Skype with a Supermodel (females with female supermodels, males with male supermodels) to get insight into exactly what a modeling career is really like, insider tips, and things to watch out for and be careful with.

And if you are looking to develop your own agency or a business idea for the modeling industry, then you can hire me personally as a consultant!