Paul Fisher Method
Paul Fisher Model manager

• Are you currently creating models who earn $1,000,000 a year?
• Are you currently booking models with the top designer in the world?
• Are you creating real modeling stars?
• Do you want to learn strategies that will increase your agencies billings?
• Why did you want to become a modeling agent?
• Are you currently creating stars who give back to the world?
• Are you losing your top new faces to top NY agencies once they become top models?

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Topics Covered

• Discovering the “right” new faces

• How to create supermodels

• How does each top fashion market benefit the model  (Paris, Milan, London, Germany, Japan, China, Spain, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and others) 

• Creating “real” role models

• Negotiating contracts (mother agency,  worldwide exclusive campaigns) 

• Which market is right for each of your models

 The true power of Social Media and Modeling

 Creating online stars (influencers) 

 Creating additional revenue streams for the agency

 Direct booking with top clients all over the world

 Who are the top decisions makers in each market

 Spirituality and Modeling – the need to give back! 

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