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Welcome to the Paul Fisher Shop!

Drawing on his quarter of a century of contacts and specialist highly objective position in the industry, he can tell it to you straight, in a way others will simply not be able to do.

Our Consultants

The modeling industry is full of people selling dreams and costing hopeful potential models thousands of dollars. I’ve assembled a team of my most trusted friends that are experts in the modeling industry, who are now available for you to Skype with.

Suzie Sugarman | Female Modeling Specialist | 1 Hour Consultation


India-Haylee Barton | Curve Modeling Specialist | 1 Hour Consultation


30 Minute One on One Consultation with Paul Fisher

$380 $190 – Private Call
$310 $155 – Recorded Call

Paul Fisher | Agency Consulting


Are you thinking about opening a modeling agency? Or are you wanting an upgrade to your current agency so you have ability to discover and manage supermodels? Paul will train you and your agency in person!

Skype with a Supermodel

My mission is to simplify the ways that people interested in the modeling industry get advice, and make sure they do not waste thousands of dollars being sold what invariably turns out to be false promises.  And what better way to do that, than to ‘Skype with a Supermodel’?

Stephanie Roberts

When I started Stephanie’s career, she was a 17 year old high school student. The first three years were very hard. Very few bookings. Stephanie thought about quitting several times. It was not easy. Then it happened. One fashion shoot in Paris by famed designer Azzedine Aliah, and Stephanie got the cover of American Vogue and it was off to races!

Tully Jensen

Has anyone told you that you were too short? Or too tall? Or the wrong size to model? Time to talk to Tully. What better person to seek advice from than a Supermodel who overcame every agency telling her she could never become a top model!

Lisa Kauffman

Lisa was discovered at the age of 15 in a shopping mall in Calgary Alberta. The agent wanted her to go to NYC immediately but Lisa was determined to finish high school first. She enrolled in a self directed learning high school and shortly after her 17th birthday, she was off to NY and then Paris.