Modeling Dos and Don’ts [eBook]


If you are thinking about taking your first steps into a career in the world of fashion and modeling, then don’t set off on this journey making expensive mistakes along the way; let Paul and some of the many successful models he has helped take these steps share their experiences and insights with you, and take that first leap together!



‘Modeling Dos & Don’ts’ draws on all of Paul Fisher’s 25 years in the fashion and modeling industry and distils it into a myriad of short punchy pieces of invaluable insight.  Paul does this by going straight to some of the most successful models of recent years and asking them to outline all their most important lessons, and just as important, all the pitfalls to avoid!

You can save so much time when you are getting started – and make sure you don’t stop your career in modeling – by not inadvertently committing one of the pitfalls – before it even gets started! And by downloading ‘Modeling Dos & Don’ts’ on your mobile device, you can ensure these pearls of wisdom are with you – even if you go out on bookings and are at your most apprehensive!

‘Modeling Dos & Don’ts’ tackles a whole range of subjects: what to include or not in your portfolio, how to plan properly, how to work well with your agent, how to work well with your booker, how to work well with a client, what not to do unless pre-agreed, how to cope with a setback, how to make the right impression whenever you get the chance, how to follow up properly.  There is a gem of to-the-point and punchy advice for every aspect you can think of.

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