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If you are wanting to model or already modeling, the best advice I can give you: seek advice from an expert with integrity. Suzie Sugerman is an expert in the world of female modeling. Suzie worked for my agency It Models for many years and went on to work for other top NY modeling agencies. With over 20 years of experience as an agent, Suzie has represented some of the modeling industries biggest stars.

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About Suzie Sugerman

Suzie began her career at the famous IT Models in NY and LA. Under the leadership of Icon agents, Paul Fisher, and Omar Alberto. During her five years at IT Models, Sugerman learned how to manage the careers of famous models, such as Stephanie Seymour, Kimora Lee Simmons, Cynthia Bailey, Tully Jensen, and many more. Many other models have achieved celebrity status moving on to TV and Movies, such as, Padma Lakshmi, Elizabeth Rohm, Arianne Zuker, Nicole Pulliam, Carla Bruni, Jaclyn Titoni Sandler, Ivana Milicevic, etc. During Sugerman’s time at IT, she ran the catalog and advertising board, spending time in both New York and Los Angeles, as well as creating and resurrecting the careers of many models.

After IT Models, Sugerman went on to Wilhelmina for the next six years, perfecting the art of negotiating, booking, and building many models’ careers. Some of the famous models she represented turned actresses included Stéphanie Szostak and Krysten Alyce Ritter. Working with Wilhelmina allowed Suzie to work with some of the best agents in the business who have gone on to many high positions in the industry, such as magazine editors, casting and production directors, and PR managers. She continues to have close working relationships with everyone.

Suzie went on to work at Karin Models for the next six years again bringing a boutique agency competitive; in the agency world, establishing, and securing for the agency successful working relations with top companies, such as Avon, Macy’s, Clairol, L’Oreal, and Target, to name a few, including booking huge campaigns overseas, such as Puma, and Schwartzkoff, for both print and television.

One thing you should definitely know about Suzie Sugerman is her love and passion for this business, and many have been swept away by her energy.

After over twenty years, Suzie is taking all her invaluable experience, with Suzie Sugerman Consulting. This is where she consults, advises, and guides young model hopefuls in the right direction, as well as existing models that may need help with their careers.

Suzie Sugerman resides in New York City.

Topics to talk about

  • What area of modeling is right for you?
  • Do you have the potential to be a high fashion model?
  • How to model internationally? Paris, London, Milan?
  • What are the dangers of the modeling industry?
  • What is a mother agency?
  • Why is there a height requirement for certain parts of the modeling industry?
  • What is the right weight?
  • Who do I trust?
  • What commissions should I be paying?
  • Is my look right for Asia?
  • Best way to get started
  • Review of your photos

Additional Products

Along with your 1 hour Skype call with Suzie, you will receive the following, which is part of the $299 agency bundle!

Paul Fisher Unplugged Audio book AND pdf
The Paul Fisher Modeling Do’s & Don’t’s book (pdf)
The Paul Fisher Top Modeling Agency List 2018 (pdf)
The Paul Fisher Photographers List 2018 (pdf)

Cost:   $299

Ages: 14 to 40 (anyone under 18 must have parental permission)  

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