Agency Consulting with Paul


Are you thinking about opening a modeling agency? Or are you wanting an upgrade to your current agency so you have ability to discover and manage supermodels? Paul will train you and your agency in person!

  •  Four training sessions in person with Paul, six hours each session.
  •  Follow up; 1 hour Skype each week for 6 weeks with Paul
  • 1 hour casting with Paul and the agency’s current models over Skype.
  • Career advice for the agency’s current models by Paul
  • Great training for the agency’s owners and booking team
  • Receive modeling and agency agreement templates
  • For international agencies, a business class ticket and three nights at hotel near the office is required.

Learn the following topics

  • Secrets of Creating Modeling Stars, How to Build a Strong Modeling Agency,  Scouting, Development of the Agency’s New Faces, Fashion Shows, Social Media Influencers, International Agencies, Domestic Agencies, Negotiating Advertising Campaigns, Contracts, Spirituality, and Modeling.
  • Review and career advice for the agency’s current models
  • Fee:  $25,000

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