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Industry guru and modeling legend Paul Fisher has turned his attentions to offering anyone wanting to enter the industry the chance to get exclusive, invaluable modeling and fashion careers advice. 

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Paul Fisher Unplugged ebook audiobook bundle

Paul Fisher: Unplugged Bundle


‘Paul Fisher: Unplugged’ tackles many of the same areas as ‘Modeling Dos and Don’ts’ – only this time it’s not about the headlines and quick lessons. This is the in-depth guide to all aspects of the modeling industry, with Paul giving detailed examples and insight based on his 25 years of operating in this unique position in the business. This is the first time that so much information has been presented so objectively and independently, without leaning bias or influence, by someone with such vast international experience, all in one place.

Agency and Photographers List Bundle


With Paul’s experience in the model industry, he has complied a list of all the top agencies and photographers from around the globe! You can get the contact details for these agency and photographers, offering you a nice head-start in your modeling career!